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BuzzMusicLA, featuring Roni Marsalis

Heavily inspired by Destiny’s Child’s timeless hit “Bills, Bills, Bills”, “Nine Lives” by Roni Marsalis is a unique and refreshing twist on a household classic. Her vocals along with her flawless flow make her an artist to beat! The multi-talented and explosive Roni Marsalis fuses her home roots, her New York grown attitude and her new found Los Angeles confidence. The sultry and fresh single “Nine Lives” takes us through a journey. She exudes confidence and femininity through my speakers. I’m in awe of her effortless ability to demand attention from her listeners. Her fans can vibe and relate to “Nine Lives”. The production is professional and well done. Roni’s mesmerizing sound arrangements paired with the track’s dope and heavy backbeat have us craving more. I’m adding this track to my personal playlist. I highly recommend you vibe along to this single “Nine Lives” and stay on the lookout for what Roni Marsalis drops next!

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Stirrup Podcast, featuring Roni Marsalis

When I was contacted by Roni Marsalis she spoke to me excitedly about her new EP, my eyes opened wide in excitement cause I have been in love with her music since her appearance on Torae’s album named Entitled. The song name she appeared on is called Override.

I did spoken word back in the about day so I love what Roni Marsalis does on this song. 

I remember replaying it and replaying it on my iPhone all about day when I first heard this song as I was in love with it.

Any about way Roni Marsalis's new project that she had emailed to me is simple, named Born Beautiful.

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Rise Unlimited, featuring Roni Marsalis

All art and everything fun, poetry, printed shirts and candid interviews with the young movers and shakers in South Africa.

How did you get into Poetry?

I have always written poems as therapy, but it wasn’t until my Freshman year of College that I wrote my first spoken word poem and decided that I wanted to continue to use poetry as an outlet and perform in front of people.

Tell us more about your typical day.

My typical day consists of reading, being of service to others, brainstorming ideas for my career, finding solutions to make everyday better and easier than the last, writing music, running and getting exercise wether it be yoga, meditation, or intense endurance training, and keeping myself informed with what is going on around me so I can know what ways I can help.

What do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do?

 I’m lazy, listening to music, playing with my sister, going out to a movie, or just sitting and reflecting on who I am and what my accomplishments mean to me. I like to sit outside and reflect a lot

Tell us about the best part of your work

The best part of my work is the passion, the connection has with its audience, and its purpose, the work that god gifted me with has a way of coming through me and touching the hearts of people.

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Spin Magazine, 2016 SXSW “Here’s the final two artists selected by John Legend”

After hearing the first few bars of “The Story,” the opening track to Roni Marsalis’ debut EP War of $-H3-Art, you’d be forgiven for thinking the track would be lighter than air. But the feathery keys and distant sax belies a much weightier narrative about family, pain, love, and acceptance anchored by a monologue expressing a deep affection for friends and family. Roni Marsalis seems at home turning sacrifice and pain inside out, a skill that takes equal parts artistry and introspection.

But that isn’t the only thing Marsalis is a master chemist of: She mixes musical styles with a deft hand, combining sounds as disparate as Apani B and Ellie Goulding in the span of three minutes on “Maybe…” Her lyricism is still magnetic, though, and the confessional, raw nature of her songwriting is what makes her unique in a landscape where hard truths are few and far between. (Boosie Badazz’s powerful In My Feelings. (Goin’ Thru It) came to mind when listening to War of $-H3-Art for the first time.) When she brings that power to the stage, watch out.

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