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Lavender Scents

by Roni Marsalis

 I decided after being imprisioned, criticized, humiliated, mistreated, bullied, suicidal, and hopeless. It was time to destroy the old and rebuild, so I asked myself how do I want to feel for the rest of my life….CALM & RELAXED were the terms that came to mind and I began to brainstorm ideas and ways to incorporate those feelings back into my life….I started using lavender oil all over my skin, I surrounded myself with purple lighting, read more books, reflected on how much I have grown, how much I have accomplished, who has really kept me inspired and been my anchor, my mental health and well being, and what it was that I wanted from life, which is intangible and unshakable happiness, grace, and mercy, to be who I was called to be and do what I was called to do. Not to just help myself, but anyone who has ever felt guilty or ashamed of being great. Since moving to LA I’ve learned you are a being of many colors and have a right to be a brilliant human being no matter what mistakes you've made in life.

this is Lavender Scents....