About Roni Marsalis

Charismatic, optimistic, and passionate are only a few chosen words to describe the personality of Roni Marsalis. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri after graduating high school Roni decided to attend The University of Missouri- Columbia and study interior design. After completing a year of school she felt the urge to pursue a career in Spoken-Word Poetry and HipHop. Raw, Refreshing, and Genuine are only a few chosen words to describe the artistry of Roni Marsalis. After recording a few tracks and performing in Atlanta, at 19 years young Roni packed up everything she owned and moved to New York City to become a star in her own right only to find out that obstacles were inevitable when the proper planning isn’t heeded and was forced to move back home. Meanwhile, being home was the least of her worries, she had accomplished many great successes in New York and continued to work on her craft, love on family, and was eventually called to perform onstage with John Legend at the SXSW music festival. Upon her return from SXSW Roni’s grandmother became ill and after taking care of her for several months she decided the pressure was too heavy and moved to Dallas with her dad and enrolled in school to pick up where she left off with interior design. Now located in Los Angeles, California Roni continues to work on her craft and the rest is still being written. Although, she is learning what it truly means to not count yourself out.