About Roni Marsalis

Roni is a charismatic, exuberant artist with roots in Kansas City, Missouri. She is very outspoken and passionate about the challenges faced by many of today's intercity youth; which is reflected in the fervor in which she approaches her Spoken-Word Poetry and lyrics in her Hip-HoP style vocals; raw and rhythmic, with a genuine knowledge of adversity. Wise beyond her years and devoid of much of the usual negativism attached to the subculture of rap music, Roni is invigorating in her desire for restoration of the fragmented individual. Her voice is sultry mixed with a little grit; a reminder of the un-automated vocal tones of old school artist Nina Simone, Toni Braxton and Anita Baker.
Roni's artistry is an extension of her being; unobstructed and evolving, striving for excellence.  Her optimism is infectious, like an inoculation against despair. Devoted to family and friends, much of her live performances have been close to her roots, branching out to Atlanta, New York and Dallas. A highlight of her career was performing onstage with John Legend at the SXSW music festival, Austin in 2016.  She is currently located in Los Angeles, where she continues to work on her craft and vision for the future. Her motto is, "Never count yourself out".